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Better Your World...

In all of the most remote places we have been we still find trash.  The footprint of modern day man seems to have reached ever end of this planet.  That is why we decided to start with an easy step, pick up the trash.  

Partner with Nomadtrex and start picking up trail trash across the world.  Next time you go out, bring one of our reusable waste bags and pick up any trash you see while you are out.  Help create awareness and play a small roll in making our world better one hike at a time. Want to be even more awesome, separate waste from recyclables and make sure to dispose of them properly once you get back to civilization.

Reach out to us and we will send you a reusable waste bag.  

Want to help more? Spread the word! Leave a Donation! Buy something from our shop and donate to our cause!  

We will be partnering with different conservation projects each year from around the world.  Your contributions will help fund new projects and create awareness.  Stay up to date with our current contributions follow us on social media!


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